Blogiversary Ponderings

Today is the 3rd anniversary of the birth of this blog, something I share with rootseekers.  Taking a look at the WordPress statistics makes me ponder on what makes a particular post popular.  Although these stats do not give the whole story as they do not include readers who subscribe in other ways (e.g. Google Reader, email), three posts stand out:

Posted on 4 November 2011, 101 Today – Mabel Coulson, birth certificate and photographic evidence has attracted more views than any other post by a mile.  A year on, it is viewed daily.  ‘Birth certificate’ is a popular search term, so perhaps I should be blogging about birth events!

The busiest day was 15 November 2012, the day after Online Search and Index Adventures with Ancestry and Findmypast was posted.  This post attracted some comments and was relevant to a discussion on the APG members forum.  It is too soon to assess its longevity,

The next busiest day was 23 May 2011, the day Is GEDCOM dead? was posted.  It is no longer frequently viewed, but developments in genealogy software have moved on quite a bit since.

Which is a better indicator of readership, sustained viewings or short-lived peaks in views?

© Sue Adams 2012


4 Comments on “Blogiversary Ponderings”

  1. Olga says:

    Happy third blogiversary


  2. Happy Blogiversay! You are a great contributor to the genealogy community. 🙂


  3. GRANT DAVIS says:

    Happy third blogiversary. I just celebrated my two month blogiversary. I have learned a lot from this community of bloggers.


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