Your Turn or What I want for Christmas

As no marriage within the family is known to have occurred in the week from 17 – 23 December, there is no post for the 50 Marriage Mondays series this week.  Now, dear cousins, it is your turn.

Since September, gaps in my collected records have become glaringly apparent.  Below I have listed the General Register Office references for birth, marriage and death certificates that relate to the last 15 week’s posts that I do not have.  Do you have a copy, or feel inspired to order one?  Would you care to share?


Year Quarter Groom Bride District Vol Page
1901 Sep Adams , Edward Harold Percy Lavender, Florence Annie Birmingham 6d 359
1941 Mar Emsden, Frederick S Proctor, Violet L Gipping 4a 2783
1942 Dec Cobbold, George Proctor, Mabel M Gipping 4a 2491
1944 Dec Palmer, Albert G Procter, Ivy R Gipping 4a 2249
1960 Sep Clarke, Edward Coulson, Winifred Birmingham 9c 1471
1933 Dec Proctor, Willie W Hoddy, May Bosmere 4a 2559
1933 Dec Thomas, Wilfred John Adams, Minnie Birmingham 6d 60
1938 Dec Proctor, George A Byham, Beatrice H M Gipping 4a 2723
1950 Sep Proctor, Edward E Knights, Jean Gipping 4b 2173


Year Quarter Name Mother’s Maiden Name District Vol Page
1872 Mar Macdonald, Alice Aston 6d 284
1876 Mar Adams, Edward Harold P Birmingham 6d 238
1906 Dec Smith, Winifred Aston 6d 394
1914 Mar Cobbold,  George R  Knock Cosford 4a 1731


Year Quarter Name Age District Vol Page
1887 Dec Macdonald, Edward 62 Solihull 6d 329
1963 Dec Cobbold, George R 49 Samford 4B 909

© Sue Adams 2012


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