A Blogging Achievement – 50 Marriage Mondays Completed

50 Marriage Mondays

How did I do?

I have achieved the publication of 50 marriages, 24 from Dad’s side and 26 from Mom’s side, listed in calendar order below.  The seed was planted when I was obsessing about the word count for my Masters degree thesis, which was supposed to be up to 16,000 words.  The total 50 Marriage Mondays word count comes to 30,788 ‘words’, but includes tables, captions and anything else WordPress blogging software thinks is a word.

Other objectives were:

Publish weekly

Close, I took a 4 week break between 25 March and 15 April, so these posts were published out of calendar order. One other post filled in a week when there was no marriage (30 July).  The publishing calendar was invaluable.  Now I need to make another one.

Cousin bait

Yes, some cousins made contact, but writing made me reconnect with people and make new contacts.

Putting the marriages into historical context and sharing a useful output.

I think I achieved this, do you?

Re-visiting my database, data verification, and properly recording sources.

Mixed progress.  The database still needs work.  I have found a lot of new information, but most has not been entered into the database.  I have been re-evaluating my research procedures and developing ideas about what genealogical software should really do.  Some material not included will be refined, expanded, and possibly submitted as a paper to FHISO.

  1. Stamp duty and authenticity of legal documents
  2. Citation and Verification or ‘Where the hell did I get this from?’
  3. Which Church? – Church and State Jurisdictions
  4. Hold the Front Page and 1960s Social Care of the Elderly
  5. Parish Register copies – Microfilm, Fiche, Transcripts, Abstracts and Indexes
  6. Parish Register Inconsistencies and Finding a lost website
  7. English Civil Registration Tools – FreeBMD, FamilySearch England Jurisdictions 1851, and A Vision of Britain
  8. Making the Connection between Civil Registration and Census Records
  9. A Wartime Wedding
  10. Of this parish – Residence requirements for marriage
  11. Online Search and Index Adventures with Ancestry and Findmypast
  12. Name change and Insurance
  13. Baptist Marriage and Birth records
  14. Civil Marriage and Witness Identification
  15. Is it George or Jack?  Engagement photograph identification
  16. A Boxing Day Marriage by Licence
  17. Marriage Banns and Putting Faces to Names
  18. Now you see it, now you don’t –  IGI and FamilySearch
  19. Following the Farmers – A Research Plan
  20. Representing Multiple Marriages and Crossing Connections
  21. Copies of Copies, Citation and Source Evaluation with FamilySearch
  22. Women in the Property Records of Clent Manor
  23. Common Surname Trouble – Adams in Birmingham
  24. Naming Patterns as Evidence of Kinship
  25. Vanishing Artifacts – the Gravestone and Silver Spoon
  26. Skipping Down the Generations – Ancestral Surname used as a Middle Name
  27. Marriage on Facebook and a Customised Chart
  28. The Girl Next Door? Local History, Maps and Back-to-Backs
  29. Evidence of Illiteracy among the Bargees of Britain’s Venice
  30. Who’s who?  Digital Photo Annotation
  31. Non-conformist Marriage by an Authorised Person
  32. The Housekeeper, the Valet and Grand Connections
  33. GRO Index Discrepancy or Name Variations?
  34. 20th Century sources – Electoral rolls, Google Maps and Land Registry
  35. Picking up the Tailor’s Thread through Trade Directories
  36. Provenance of a Personal Collection – Archival Accession, Arrangement and Description
  37. Linking the Jeweller’s chain through Trade Directories
  38. Is a Rare Surname easy to find?  Searching for Barrowclift with Ancestry and FindMyPast
  39. Keeping it in the Family?
  40. Religious Affiliation and Who’s the mom?
  41. Pieces of Evidence – Corroborating a Family Tale
  42. Wills and Location – Further Evidence supporting the Inherited Family History
  43. Engagement Evidence – The Diamond Ring
  44. The Wife’s Whisper – Indirect Evidence from the Manorial Court
  45. Postcard Correspondence with In-laws
  46. Housing and Economic Status
  47. Cousins  and a Golden Wedding Anniversary
  48. Death, Divorce or Desertion?
  49. Isa and Charlie – Double Tragedy
  50. The School Master and Seed Cake

© Sue Adams 2013

4 Comments on “A Blogging Achievement – 50 Marriage Mondays Completed”

  1. chmjr2 says:

    Good for you. This was a lot of hard work and effort on your part.


  2. mdianerogers says:

    Congratulations on sticking to your goals! And on making each marriage post interesting. I will be very interested to read your thoughts on genealogy software later too.


  3. Congratulations, this is a wonderful milestone. I love how you have the links to all of the Marriage Mondays here for easy reference.


  4. […] but these are based on birthdays and marriage anniversaries, excluding death anniversaries. For the 50 Marriage Mondays series, I used an anniversary calendar as a blogging prompt, but found the lack of calendar […]


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