7 Comments on “Digital Photograph Analysis”

  1. Jan Hackett says:

    Thanks for sharing this information. I do have a question and hope you can help. I don’t get the Google Map option when I open a photo in Irfanview. Do you know where there are some good tutoring videos or instructions for this and more information. I have checked the Irfanview home pages and the “Help” but I can’t find good basic info.


    • Sue Adams says:

      Hi Jan

      The Google Map option will only be presented if the file has GPS data in it. You will need to use a GPS enabled camera or smartphone and have GPS turned on when taking the photo to capture the location data.

      IrfanView has extensive documentation, which is accessible via the ‘Help’ menu.


  2. Exiftool is a very powerful tool for dealing with all sorts of image metadata. I think it would be quite easy to delete info (or at least rewrite with empty string or equivalent)


  3. The Field Recordist says:

    It’s also interesting when analysing photographs, especially film, which does not have the luxury of metadata; to remember that someone else must have been present to take the photograph, (unless a self-portrait), so who is missing from the photograph – who is behind the camera?


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