50 Marriage Mondays – Golden Wedding Anniversary celebration

In honour of my parent’s Golden Wedding Anniversary on 1 September 2012, I pledge to publish 50 marriages, one for each year of my parent’s marriage, of people that appear in the joint family tree.  I plan to achieve this over the coming year, so that means weekly, with a couple of weeks off.
50 Marriage Mondays

The rules

  1. Publish each Monday.
  2. The marriage featured each week will have occurred in the seven day period from that Monday.
  3. Marriages of living people can only be featured with their blessing, and they must leave a comment.  Otherwise, in good genealogical fashion ‘I like dead people’.
  4. Guest posts are welcome, especially from family members.  There are a few gaps to fill in the calendar…
  5. Family members – if you would like to see a particular marriage featured, please let me know.  If you have documents or information about it, even better.


  • I have had intentions of posting more often and regularly for quite a while, but you know about good intentions.  Michael Hait at Planting the Seeds suggested that a publishing calendar was particularly useful.  Quite a number of themed blog posts have been suggested on Geneabloggers.
  • Cousin bait.  Information in context tends draw out better contacts than needle in the haystack trees.
  • To put the marriages into the historical context.
  • To make me re-visit my database (apparently containing 819 marriages on 22 August 2012), verify the data, properly record sources and share a useful output.