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photo of Sue Adams My interest in family history was ignited by the death of Raymond Coulson, a cousin of my paternal grand-mother.  Tracking down the beneficiaries of his estate got me hooked and led me on to research the tales passed down the generations.  The story continues …

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  1. Paul Wilson Round says:

    My grandfather was John Churchill Wilson. We have been researching the Wilson family. We have confirmed quite a lot of what you already have and have also learned from your site.


  2. Richard Batchelor says:

    Hi Sue
    I hope this comment makes sense – in a state of shock at the moment. My wife Kate (nee Wilson) is also descended from John Pearson Wilson, but through Joseph rather than your branch through Thomas. Kate’s father was also named John Pearson Wilson, and I had just Googled him to confirm a date, when I stumbled onto your site! Thank you! You get us three more generations back than I had got – from our common ancestor John Pearson to John and Sarah, I didn’t know John Pearson’s wife’s names other than “Sally”, and we can see where the “Pearson” came from. Kate’s branch has continued the tradition of using a family name as middle name – indeed, she is herself Katharine Pearson. I’m now going to see how many of my odd notes on the Wilsons buried at Churchill you have resolved. Excellent research – thanks again.
    Kind regards
    Richard Batchelor
    Richard Batchelor


  3. Joe Bailey says:

    Hi, i’m from the UK. I read your blog re Wilson and Aston Hal, Claverley, Shropshire. I am from the family whom until recently owned the hall. If you are still looking for information, feel free to email me. I’m actually in Utah later in the year! How weird!


  4. Elizabeth Christman. says:

    Hello Sue, many thanks for your email, which I received today. Yes I certainly still do our family tree and hope to for many years to come.

    I changed my email a few years sgo, but it was good thinking how you found it.

    I did contact your parents a couple years ago on Genes Reunited, but haven’t heard from them in a very long time.

    Bye for now, and great site you have here, take care, Elizabeth


  5. Susan Cartwright says:

    Hi Sue, I am currently investigating the history of my father’s family and based on my research using ancestry.co.uk it looks possible that one of John Pearson Wilson’s daughters, Mary Wilson, may have married my great, great, great grandfather, Henry Hopley (1838-1908). Before I start digging deeper on the Wilson side, does that information correlate with your research? Regards, Sue


    • Hi Sue

      Could you tell me what records on Ancestry make you think that Henry Hopley may have married Mary Wilson? Why do you think this Mary is the same person as John Pearson Wilson’s daughter? Did you use original records (e.g. census) or did you find these relationships on a family tree submitted by someone else? If so, were details of the sources given?


  6. Susan Cartwright says:

    Hi Sue, thanks for responding. Based on the UK census results from 1871 to 1911, Henry’s wife Mary was born in Stoke on Trent in Staffordshire in about 1841. Marriage records indicate that Henry married a Mary Wilson in Nantwich in 1861 (there’s a transcription error in Mary’s listing which means it doesn’t automatically come up in search results but looking at the original scanned document the volume and page number details match those of Henry). I then searched the 1841 census to find a Mary Wilson born in Staffordshire around 1841 and got the following listing http://search.ancestry.com.au/cgi-bin/sse.dll?db=uki1841&h=15703463&ti=5544&indiv=try&gss=pt&ssrc=pt_t23468163_p12766307142_kpidz0q3d12766307142z0q26pgz0q3d32768z0q26pgPLz0q3dpid
    As I can’t find any other Mary Wilson’s to match the time and place, it looks like it could be a match with John Pearson Wilson’s details. Cheers Sue


  7. Douglas Pardoe Wilson says:

    Hello. I am very interested in the Wilson family origins, and especially your page with that name. Apparently you descend from a different son of Matthew Wilson and Sarah Raybould,so our family records differ. My family recorded the origins of the family in a Wilson who was sent with forces belonging to Henry the IV to Wales to destroy a castle there, but no names or dates or intervening descendents are given. Matthew Wilson (b.1704) of Clent is (probably erroneously) recorded as marrying a Sarah Raybould from Carnes, Montgomery, Wales, not Carno, though of course she originated in Clent. The only available tree is relatively recent, not more than a century old, but our branch of the family did keep records which seem more or less compatible with yours. — I am Douglas son of Edward s.o. Frederick so. John s.o. John s.o. Thomas s.o. John s.o. Matthew.
    — dpw


  8. Lynne Cutts says:

    Hi Sue, Imagine my surprise when I came across my grandma and granddad Proctor photos on your web page. Julia and Billy were my dads mum and dad, he was Edward Ernest Proctor. My sister and I were beneficiaries of Raymond Coulson – so it seems we are distantly related!
    Lynne Cutts (nee Linda Proctor)


  9. Graham Turner says:

    Hi Sue,

    I was really surprised to come across your blog and see the detailed analysis of Ann Wilson’s marriage to George Boraston. My mother was a Boraston and the George and Ann whose marriage you describe were my 4th great grandparents. Researching my family history has opened up some surprises and is an endless source of fascination.

    (Graham Turner)


  10. Graham Turner says:

    Hi Sue, thanks for the amazingly quick response. I’m descended from their eldest child, George, born in 1781, and then his son George Stokes Boraston who was born in 1815. Then his son Richard, followed by another George Stokes, born in Enville in 1880 and who died in Fremantle WA in 1946, he was my maternal grandfather who joined the army and went to India via South Africa and the Boer War. My mother, his eldest daughter, was born in Benares, now Varanasi, in India.

    Thanks again.



    Hi Sue

    I notice that William Osborne Bull was a relative of yours. Are you aware that he later joined his family in Hemsworth, West Yorkshire and remarried? He fathered three children and adopted another. His eldest son was Phil Bull who became a race horse owner, betting pundit and millionaire?




    • Sue Adams says:

      Hi Bradley

      I think we have two men with the same name. The William Osborne Bull that I descend from died in 1920 in Birmingham. His wife, Elizabeth Ann Hirons, whom he married in 1886 in Headington, Oxfordshire, reported his death, so there was no second marriage.

      There are at least 2 other marriages of men named William Osborne Bull recorded in the General Register Office index on freebmd.org.uk . It sounds like yours is the one whose marriage was registered in the October-December of 1909.


  12. Tony Vivian says:

    Hi Sue,

    I came across a query by someone of your name entered on a website approx. 10 years back! It was about a John Vivian born about 1821 in Hazelbury Bryan, Dorset. If this is your query I’d be happy to share some info.


  13. Lynne Cutts says:

    Hi Sue, The Scandinavian connection came from my Grandma who told me her dad came from Swedish roots. I have had my DNA done and I am told that I am 75% Swedish and 25% Anglo Saxon – which might be a clue or not!! My mum died last year and I now have in my possession, photos and belongs of Suzannah Coulson (our great grandmother) these were inherited via my father Edward Proctor. Some of the photos I have are not easily recognisable, but are of the Coulson family. Suzannah died at Battisford at my grandparents home, that is why I now have some of her belongings, bible and books. I would like to share them with other family members. Would you be interested in having a look at the various items that I have and combine info / knowledge?


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